Fresh or frozen, peeled and cored, whole or cut into shape. Elbe-Obst Fruchtverarbeitung from Horneburg delivers apples tailored to customer requirements. 

Whether for cakes or salads, the apple pieces from our company – in excellent quality and precisely customized – save the wholesale customers time-consuming, laborious work.

Our customers operate in the bakery and industrial sectors or are suppliers to processing companies. They appreciate our wide range of apple convenience products.



Elstar and the Jona-Group as well as Jonagored or Jonagold are the main varieties in the processing. But your inquiries about well-known apple brands  or red-fleshed varieties are also welcome. Peeled and cored apples are our daily business. You as the customer determine the size and structure of the apples, whether segments or cubes, according to your intended use. This way, desired cut types are cut mainly for bakeries and other pre-suppliers. The type of cut can be individually adjusted to almost any customer requirement.

Peeled apples from the Alte Land impress with their tart and tangy aroma; they usually have a more intense flavor than apples from southern regions.

And these apples can be peeled very well due to their firmness.

We offer our apple products both fresh and frozen. The method is called IQF (Individually Quick Frozen). Here, the fruit pieces are deep-frozen under constant motion. A special advantage of our apple products: They do not oxidize when thawed. For approximately two to three days they maintain their bright color. In other words, if a bag is not immediately used up during preparation, it can be easily used the following day. Nothing gets stuck together, the customers can remove the goods piece by piece.

The fresh goods are packed in five-, ten- and 15-kilogram packages. Frozen goods are packed in 10- or 4 x 2.5-kilogram cartons. In addition, bulk packaging of both fresh and frozen products is offered in 30 x 10-kilogram or even 300-kilogram packages.


The production is done by crushing fresh apples, which are then finely passed through a sieve. This makes our apple puree free of blossoms and stems. It does not contain any additives.

To preserve the apple puree, it is pasteurized and then immediately aseptically packaged. We currently provide it to customers in bag-in-box containers of up to 250 or 1,000 liters. The color, taste and smell of the puree are typical for the variety.The color, taste and smell of the puree are typical for the variety any foreign smell or taste.



Apples are first carefully brushed and washed at the washing station. Each individual apple rolls freely in the water to ensure that it is properly cleaned. Then the apples are sorted by size and conveyed to the appropriate peeling station. This ensures that each size is peeled accurately and that there is as little waste as possible. The core is also removed in the same process.

Apples are natural products and therefore not consistent in their shape. Each individual apple passes through photo-optical sorting and is then also checked by our employees. The final production stage gives the apples their final shape for their intended use.

Up to three tons of apples can be peeled per hour. The frozen goods go through the freezing system, which can freeze down to -22 degrees. Using a multi-head scale, the apples are packed into 2.5- and 10-kg bags and then stored in a deep-freeze warehouse until delivery.



We ensure that the products are delivered to you fresh and on time. The cold chain remains unbroken in every situation.

The finished apple products are transported to the customers using modern refrigerated trucks. The freight is picked up by our own fleet or by a forwarding agency – in compliance with the cold chain – so that it reaches our customers on time, sometimes exactly on the hour.

About us


Since the company started peeling apples in 1974, the Schilling family has acquired a great deal of experience. Even today, the Hornberg-based company puts a lot of energy into developing innovative technology.

This is of benefit to our customers. The fruit processing is certified according to both IFS and BCS for the processing of organically grown fruit. Since 2009, we as Elbe-Obst Fruchtverarbeitung GmbH have been a company of Elbe-Obst Erzeugerorganisation r. V. and benefit from the expertise of our parent company in the field of pome fruit cultivation.


The Elbe Fruit Producers Organization r.V. is a consortium of today round of 300 fruit growers, founded in 1968, which cultivates core, stone and berry fruits in an area of about 5,000 hectares.

The annual fruit production volumes are on average above 150,000 tons, with apples being the most important product. Elbe-Obst therefore represents the vast majority of the production area.

Our Certificates

We are certified according to BCS (ECO-guarantee).

We are certified according to IFS.

Kosher is certified by the Hager Kashrus Committee Antwerp.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001.


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